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About Us


Established in 1926, Fifth District is a federal mutual savings association. Our goal is to support the rebuilding of the New Orleans area by offering a variety of quality financial products with service that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Local Lender, Local Service

We keep and service every loan we make right here within our bank. We do not sell our loans to third-party mega-institutions.


Our primary mission is to provide a safe, secure place for local depositors to invest their savings and to reinvest their deposits primarily in home mortgage loans which enable our borrowers to buy, build, and repair homes in our local community.

Board of Directors

  • David C. Nolan, Chairman
  • Brian W. North
  • H. Greg Abry
  • Nolan P. Lambert
  • Chris M. Rittiner
  • Stanton W. Salathe 
  • Linda A. Sins
  • Michael E. Nolan, Chairman Emeritus
  • Jimmie J. Gaubert, DDS, Director Emeritus 
  • William J. Lannes, III, Director Emeritus

Senior Management Officers

  • Brian W. North, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Amie L. Lyons, Senior Vice President/Administration & Operations
  • Melissa C. Burns, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
  • Dodie F. Gervais, Vice President/Lending
  • Brandi S. Roe, Vice President/Corporate Secretary
  • Lisa L. Chartier, Assistant Vice President 
  • Judy C. Ridge, Assistant Vice President
  • Tracy T. Schaefer, Assistant Vice President
  • Doris S. Steib, Assistant Vice President
  • Susan M. Hindman, Assistant Vice President
  • Jamie E. Savoie, Assistant Vice President
  • Dawn T. Lewis, Assistant Vice President
  • Natalie V. Nocito, Assistant Vice President
  • Monica N. Doizé, Assistant Vice President
  • Ashley R. Graffagnini, Assistant Vice President
  • Heather R. Rotolo, Assistant Vice President
  • Melanie N. Diket, Assistant Vice President
  • Lauren G. Fontanille, Assistant Vice President
  • Marjorie M. Palmisano, Assistant Vice President
  • Carman M. Lord, Assistant Vice President
  • Elizabeth A. Schackai, Compliance Officer


Diversity and Inclusion

Fifth District Savings Bank is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment.  Our focus is to promote diversity in our workplace.  Our goal is to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest from all walks of life and backgrounds.  Diversity and inclusion is how we achieve success.  By preserving a culture of diversity, it nourishes and strengthens our community.