person using bank card

Debit Cards

A card for everyday purchases

Featuring chip technology for added security
Your debit card may be used as an ATM card at local or member network ATMs, including the Allpoint Network. The Allpoint Network provides 55,000 surcharge–free ATMs worldwide. Find a free ATM near you.

Debit Card Daily Limits:
  • $2,000 limit per card, per day
  • $500 limit per card, per day, for ATM withdrawals
(Limits on Teen Totally Free Checking account may be lower.)

If you are planning to travel outside the USA, and/or make international purchases (including Canada and Mexico), you must call first in order to assure the uninterrupted convenience of using your debit card.

In our efforts to protect your account, you are automatically enrolled in a fraud alert service. A text message, phone call or email will be sent to the account holder's information we have on file. You will be asked to respond to the message to confirm or deny the transaction in question. If you do not respond, your card could be temporarily blocked. We will never ask you for your full social security number, full card number, or PIN number by phone, email, or text message.
Take charge of your debit card.
Set up transaction notifications and alerts, block certain transactions and merchants, and even report your card lost, stolen, or deactivate it right from our mobile app.

To report a lost or stolen debit card
Report the lost or stolen debit card immediately to Fifth District Savings Bank
(504) 362-7544 during regular business hours. If you are calling after business hours, call (888) 297-3416.